Digital Radiology


 We offer both dental and full service medical diagnostic digital radiology! 



Whether you pet needs a pregnancy  ultrasound or a single organ diagnostics procedure, we can help with our  color state of the art equipment.



 If your pet needs an endoscopic procedure, we have the technology to take care of your beloved companion! 

Dental Procedures

Dental Procedures

 Dental procedures: Include routine and extended cleanings. Digital Dental Radiographs, Bonding and extractions. 



 Surgery is available for many procedures. Routine, such as Neuter, and  Ovariohysterectomy (Spay). Moderate, such as Eye Enucleation.  Orthopedic, such as Cruciate repair. 

Idexx In-House Laboratory


  No more long wait times for laboratory results. We offer comprehensive diagnostics in clinic including thyroid! 

Boarding Services

Large Canine Kennels


Bright, sunny, heated and air conditioned kennels for large and small dogs.  

Feline Condos


Kitties love to explore and our condos feature four separate access areas in each condo to keep our furry friends occupied.  

Large outside run with heated cement pad.


All canines have daily outside run time to enjoy the fresh air and outside environment.

Our boarding services include Medical and Non Medical accommodations for all animals.  All animals are cared for according to their owners instructions.  Personal bedding, toys, food may all be brought in from home or we will supply these items at no extra charge.  If medications are needed we suggest bringing the necessary medications with the boarder.  Our extremely caring boarding technician comes in and walks all canines at least 4 times daily.  We also make sure all animals have outside run time as well.  All bedding is changed and cleaned daily.   Call to make your reservations and have the peace of mind your pets will be well cared for.

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