Digital Radiology

 We offer both dental and full service medical diagnostic digital radiology! 


Whether you pet needs a pregnancy  ultrasound or a single organ diagnostics procedure, we can help with our  color state of the art equipment.


 If your pet needs an endoscopic procedure, we have the technology to take care of your beloved companion! 

Dental Procedures

Dental Procedures

 Dental procedures: Include routine and extended cleanings. Digital Dental Radiographs, Bonding and extractions. 


 Surgery is available for many procedures. Routine, such as Neuter, and  Ovariohysterectomy (Spay). Moderate, such as Eye Enucleation.  Orthopedic, such as Cruciate repair. 

Idexx In-House Laboratory

  No more long wait times for laboratory results. We offer comprehensive diagnostics in clinic including thyroid!